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Jiva Jaliens, District Manager Delfshaven, Rotterdam

The way Shafelly coached me exceeded my expectations. Although she helped me to step out of my comfort zone, her coaching felt very open and safe. She has a unique coaching technique which was different than I was used to, but it was exactly right for me.
It made me more open to receive and trust guidance from the universe. At the same time it had a profound result in my work and private life. I have a better foundation and a more balanced work and private life. I say more ‘no’ to things that don’t feel right, which leaves me with more energy and time to do the things that I love to do. It really feels like my coaching with Shafelly was a kick off for me to move powerfully forward and with more trust.

Kirsten d’Fonseca, Law enforcement specialist, Amsterdam

Shafelly sessions are really intuitive and powerful. Before I had sessions with Shafelly, I felt really stuck. I always chose what was familiar to me instead of taking a chance and following my heart. Shafelly helped me to connect with my true self, my light. At first I saw the future as something heavy and hard, but Shafelly helped me to realise that following my heart will lead to a more soft, lighter life that is more a reflection of who I really am. During and after the sessions my confidence grew exponentially. Now I make choices with more ease and confidence. I even changed my career path. I chose to become an elementary school teacher. Something I have wanted for a long time, but I was afraid to go for it. Shafelly really helped me to change at a soul level.

Hester Terpstra, Co-founder Sisters in Songwriting, Rotterdam

In one of our sessions Shafelly has helped me to realise that I may accept all of me, including my restlessness and doubts. Without judgement. What I love about how she works is the intuitive approach. It always works. She inspires me, because of the trust she has in her own journey and with that she manifest everything she needs.