1. Definition

1.1 The Client, as named in these terms and conditions, refer to persons or organisations that are giving permission to Beyond Clouds Coaching to give them a service, product or any other activity in exchange of money or other form of value. 

1.2. Beyond Clouds Coaching is a trade name that is linked to the main trade name of SRMS coaching & art. In the description below only the name Beyond Clouds Coaching is used. 

1.3. Fees, costs etc. are in the valuta of european euro. 


  1. General

2.1. These terms & conditions are applied to all products, services, other activities made by Beyond Clouds Coaching and brand names connected to it. This also applies to contracts and agreements between Beyond Clouds Coaching and Clients. 

2.2. These terms & conditions are also applied to additional work that is custom made by Beyond Clouds Coaching for Clients. 


  1. Offers made by Beyond Clouds Coaching

3.1. Any offers made by Beyond Clouds Coaching will be sended by e-mail and expires after 30 days. An offer exclusively made for a Client will be based on the information given by the Client. The Client agrees to have given the full information that is needed to make an acceptable offer that can realistically be met by Beyond Clouds Coaching.  

3.2. The offer is made without obligation, except when it is clearly pointed out that there comes a fee with making the custom made offer. All fees are without a vat of 21%, travelling costs or other expenses made by Beyond Clouds Coaching. The offer will be executed when the Client confirms the offer in written (by e-mail) within the 30 days. 


  1. Liability

4.1. Beyond Clouds Coaching it’s duty is to execute the service in the best possible way. Though there can’t be any guarantees be made, since the result of the service is dependant on the client as well. 

4.2. In the first place Beyond Clouds Coaching will deliver the service herself. Sometimes a third party is needed. Beyond Clouds Coaching is not responsible for the service that is delivered by the third party. Any damage or loss caused by the third party need to be directed to the third party. The terms and conditions of the third party need to be applied if such a thing occurs.

4.3. Clients agree that they are fully responsible for the use of the information, product and services given by Beyond Clouds Coaching in a responsible way. 

4.4. Clients understand that the information that is given by Beyond Clouds Coaching is only an advice made with common sense and intuition of Beyond Clouds Coaching. 

4.5.This advice is not a replacement for financial, medical, health, or psychological care or assistance. Clients accept complete responsibility for their own financial, medical, health, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical well-being. There can’t be made any claim on damage or any kind of losses that derive from advice given by Beyond Clouds Coaching. Clients are fully responsible to follow any advice given by Beyond Clouds Coaching.

4.6. When the Client and Beyond Clouds Coaching do agree that Beyond Clouds Coaching did not hold up to the agreement than the total sum that can be claimed is a maximum of the fee that is paid for the service by the Client.

4.7. When a service has a duration longer than ½ year than the Client has to notify Beyond Clouds Coaching  within a year when the thought arises that Beyond Clouds Coaching did not hold up her part of the agreement. 


  1. Confidentiality

5.1. Beyond Clouds Coaching respects the privacy of the Clients. Beyond Clouds Coaching will handle every information with integrity. The confidentiality code is honoured by all means. This means that information that is given in (group)sessions are always confidential and will not be shared with others. 

5.2. Beyond Clouds Coaching might use parts of the session as an example with other Clients. This will always happen in an anonymous way. Beyond Clouds Coaching is always learning by confidential discussion, intervision and sharing views with other coaches. In these learning processes there can be case studies deriving from sessions and always be used without using the real names of Clients. 

5.3. Clients agree on handling the information given by Beyond Clouds Coaching with integrity. The information that is given is confidential and is only for the purpose of the Clients.


  1. Fees

6.1. Clients are fully aware of the fee that is asked prior to the execution of the activity. When an offer is made by Beyond Clouds Coaching, the fee is used where Beyond Clouds Coaching and the Clients agreed upon. Any extra time or extra efforts/work made by Beyond Clouds Coaching will be charged at the expense of the Client. If there is any extra time, efforts or work needed, than this will be communicated at forehand. The extra work will only be executed when Beyond Clouds Coaching and Clients agree. 

6.2. Beyond Clouds Coaching has the right to ask for a deposit and has the right to postponed to deliver the services until the payment of the deposit is made. 

6.3. The service that is given and the payment policy will be send by email to the client. 

6.4. The fees are made as Beyond Clouds Coaching finds reasonable for the products, services and activities made by Beyond Clouds Coaching. The right to increase or decrease the fees are only in the hands of Beyond Clouds Coaching. Changes of fees will be communicated clearly. 


  1. Expenses

Clients will be charged with expenses made by Beyond Clouds Coaching outside of the fees. If there are any expenses, they will be clearly communicated at forehand of the activity.  


  1. Payment policy

When the Client is participating in a series of sessions an invoice will be send directly (approximately 1 day) after the first session. When there is custom made program that’s have costs above 500,00 euro’s, a advance payment is required at the amount of 50% of the total sum. When it is below 500,00 euro the invoice will be send directly (approximately 1 day) after the program is done. On the offer it is clearly communicated whether it is a session series or a custom made program.  

Payments need to be made within 14 days after the date that is written on the invoice. After that day the Client will be send a reminder. When the Clients refuses to pay, the payment will be handled by the debt collectors. An addition of 15% of the total sum is made, when debt collectors are handling the late payments of a Client. 


  1. Notice of default and absence 

9.1. When the Client has not paid before the date as in the agreement, the Client will receive a reminder with a new reasonable pay date. The payment have to made before that date.

9.2. If the payment still hasn’t been made, than the amount will be raised with 7,50 euro. 

9.3. If the payment has still not been made, than this case will be handled by a debt collector. All costs made are for the Client. Every month an interest of 1% of the fee as is in the agreement will be added. This interest will be added from the first payment deadline as as is in the agreement until the payment has been been made. 

9.4. Beyond Clouds Coaching has the right to add a fine of 15% to the fee as soon as the second deadline of payment has expired.


  1. Modification

10.1. The Client accepts that the schedule of  the delivery of the services can be affected by anything. The Client and Beyond Clouds Coaching can agree to reschedule or modify the delivery of the services. The basis for this modification will be the fee and time schedule that is written in the agreement. 

10.2 If rescheduling demands more of the time or expenses of Beyond Clouds Coaching an reasonable amount will be added to the amount that was agreed upon in the agreement. 

10.3. When the Client wants to reschedule or modify the delivery of the services than the cancellation written in point 14.


  1. Duration 

11.1. The Client and Beyond Clouds Coaching accept that the content as is agreed upon in the agreement will be met fully. 

11.2. Beyond Clouds Coaching has the right to immediately end the agreement by way of writing, when the Client does not meet the payment policy.

11.3. When the Client wants to end the agreement before it has been met fully, this will be seen as an late cancellation. The full amount as is written in the agreement have to be paid to Beyond Clouds Coaching.  

11.4. The delivery of services has ended financially when the fee is paid in full and the things in the content of the agreement is fully met. 


  1. Accept of risk

The Client accept that the risk taken by the Client, by receiving services, is fully at the responsibility of the Client.


  1. Applicable law

The Law that is applicable to any services, products or activities of Beyond Clouds Coachings is the Dutch Law. 


  1. Cancellation policy

14.1. A cancellation before 24 hours of the start of a session is free of charge. A new session will be scheduled. 

14.2. When a cancellation is made within the 24 hours 100% of the total sum will be charged. A cancellation before 72 hours of the start of a custom made program with a duration of 3 hours or more is free of charge. A cancellation made within those 72 hours will be charged with 50% and a cancellation made within 24 hours will be charged with 100%.  14.3. Cancellations made by Beyond Clouds Coaching are communicated as soon as possible. Beyond Clouds Coaching holds the right to cancel for any reason. Of course this will be used with integrity. 


  1. Complaint policy 

Beyond Clouds Coaching is sincere when the Client has any complaints. These complaints must be send in writing or by email. The complaints will be handled confidentially. Together with the Client Beyond Clouds Coaching will be looking for a reasonable solution. Complaints about the fee will not be handled. These are clearly communicated on the agreement. 


  1. Privacy Policy

Beyond Clouds Coaching has a privacy policy. This can be found on the website


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