On earth, we are mostly guided by what others do. We copy and mimic our parents and peers. Also within society, there are rules that tell us how to behave and what to think. 

The rule of thumb is: If it works for me, then it will work for you too. We already know that this mimicking or pressure people into copying is doing more harm, than good. 

Hence, we all share the same desire to be accepted for who we truly are. But we have trouble defining who we are and what we want on a deep level. So we fall easily into the trap of doing what everybody else is doing. 

The best thing is to fully know who you are and what you want. To have a deep connection with your true self.  Also to fully know when you are not doing what you want and to have opportunities to make other choices. 

The great thing is that you have build-in soul support systems. It’s an inner checkpoint that helps you to tell if what you are doing is really authentic. 

Let me tell you more about the soul support systems that help you to exercise soulful leadership.



soul support is walking comfortably through life

“When you connect to your soul support systems, you will be able to move comfortably, confidently, and calmly through your personal and work life.” 

Soulful Leadership and The Soul Support Systems

Soulful Leadership is using your soul as a support system to help you make decisions, be confident, create calmness, create fruitful visions and implement them,  These systems are also there to tell you if you are moving in the right direction and to course-correct when needed. The soul support systems are an all-inclusive guidance and feedback system. 

The best thing about it is that it helps you to stay you. It really helps you to stand by your own core values and to express those in a way that people can understand. Whether it is in your personal or work life.

The soul supports systems also help you to attract the right people and circumstance to be successful. It helps you to be the best in your internal and your external life.  

So to be a soulful leader is all about creating those soul support systems for yourself. So you can recognize 

– when your vision is worth pursuing.
– what to do, with whom, and when.
– when to take your foot off the pedal and relax.
– when you or others are overstepping your boundaries.
– when and how to course correct 


The soul support systems are like a beacon

The Soul Support Systems

The soul support systems are the opposite of self-deprivation. It helps you to give love yourself for every bit that you are and helps you to fulfill your own needs. Whether your need is based on material or immaterial things. 

The soul support systems are made out of two systems. 

The first one is the soul guidance system. Your soul is like a compass with a traffic light built-in. It’s your own personal state-of-the-art navigation system because it only has one purpose. Its purpose is to help you to use your full potential. For example, it tells you where to go and who to meet. 

The second one is the soul feedback system. How do you know if you are using your full potential or when you are in a state of self-deprivation? When you are strongly connected to your soul and when you know its language, then you will be able to tell quickly if you are going astray. It functions as a mirror. 

The soul support systems can be obtained through soul alignment. It’s creating soul awareness, it’s learning the language of the soul and do inner work to find the beliefs that are holding you back.

Here you can read more about all about how to align with your soul.


The Soul Guidance Systems

Through soul guidance, you can move forward in life in a more straightforward and fulfilling way. Every move you make and every turn you take is backed up by your soul. This means that everything you do will feel meaningful and purposeful. By living your life with a soul guidance system, you let your soul be the navigator in your life.

It’s not that you can choose to have a soul guidance system or not. Everybody is connected to their soul. It’s a matter of being aware of this system and consciously choosing to make use of it. You have to choose whether you want to honor that soul connection or not. 

It’s all about raising your soul awareness. 

“Soul awareness automatically leads
to soul support.
All you need to do is trust that it’s there.” 

trusting your soul to guide you

How to connect with your Soul Guidance System

You can connect with your soul guidance system by aligning yourself with your soul. It’s knowing and feeling that your soul is an actual being or energy, which is an integral part of you. You need to raise your soul awareness. 

The soul can be seen as your essence. It’s the part of you that’s limitless and always existing. It’s the part of you that never dies. Your soul can oversee things clearly because it has a broader perspective on life and the universe in general. Your soul is always connected to all the possibilities the universe has to offer. 

Because your soul has a much more clear vision and is able to connect to the limitless possibilities of the universe, it is much better at choosing which steps to take in life. Your soul always has one best interest at heart. That interest is you because your soul is you. 

So, by raising your soul awareness you will also connect to the limitless possibilities of the universe. In fact, your own limitless possibilities. Soul awareness will help you therefore in ways you can’t even imagine yet, but your soul can. 

How the soul guidance system works

After creating soul awareness and soul alignment, you need to learn how to interact with the soul. Otherwise, it’s difficult to consciously receive guidance and better yet to ask for guidance. 

The soul uses your body and senses to communicate with you. You can translate those signals through the way you feel. Simply said, when you feel good you move in the ‘right’ direction. When you feel worse than you are moving in the ‘wrong’ direction. 

It becomes more interesting when you think you are moving in the right direction, but you have a daunting feeling about it. These are actually points of soul growth. That’s where you can experience how intelligent the soul guidance system works. 

The soul will not only tell you whether you are going in the right direction or not. It will also tell you why you are feeling this way and how you can tackle that feeling. After that new clarity arises, you can take steps according to the newfound clarity. 

You might change course or you move along with a better understanding and more meaning. 

connect with soul guidance

How to use the soul guidance system

For the soul guidance system to work, you need to connect to your feelings. It begins and starts with honoring your feelings. 

When you take the time to really feel what you are feeling, the soul has the most direct communication line with you. Then it is able to provide the best soul support. 

Soul guidance is perceived in many ways. Your use all things available to grasp your attention. Hence, you reading this article! Books may fall of a shell, you overhear a conversation, you see numbers, or find coins in your house. 

How do you know if a message is for you?

When you are aligning with your soul, you will feel the presence of the soul within yourself. Your soul awareness is so palpable that you will know without a doubt that a message is for you. It’s the point where your soul and you meet. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a clear sign to go in a certain direction. Just choose one, because your soul knows very well how to course correct. It uses a feedback system. 

Soul Feedback System

A wonderful thing about the soul that it not only guides you where to go, it also guides you if you are going in the wrong direction. Hence, the soul feedback system.

Forces that will lead you astray

Since the forces of the earth are always at play in your life. It pushes you in directions you actually don’t want to go. This is the case when you are making decisions to please others. For instance, going to the office at night for a meeting, when you finally had some me-time. 

The tricky part is that not only the things that are happening in the present moment influence your behavior. A real force to reckon with is the things you have picked up in your childhood. At this point, they are invisible but can be dug out of their grave, when you do inner work. 

So, there are multiple forces that will consciously or subconsciously guide you in an unwanted direction. 

How to connect to the Soul Feedback System

The way you connect to the soul feedback system is the same way as the soul guidance system. Since this system always has been there, you only need to start out with raising your soul awareness.

Through soul awareness, you consciously see and look for the support that is provided by your soul. You will learn its language. Therefore, you are able to distinguish when it’s a full yes or a hard no. Or something in between. 

soul feed back system example

How the Soul Feedback System works

The soul feedback system is working in a more clear way than the soul guidance system. It’s easier to tell when you need to course correct. 

The feeling of dreadfulness, exhaustion, stomach ache, or other negative feelings are a clear sign of your soul saying you are going in the wrong direction. When you feel stuck, your soul is literally saying: Hold on, wait a minute. Go a little bit slower and check in with yourself. 

Sometimes the signs are a little more subtle. The circumstances you are in can also be a sign of the soul. Say, you are falling time and time again for the ‘wrong’ guy. Or it is already the fourth time you are mistakenly held responsible for something that was not your responsibility, to begin with. 

The more subtle signs are therefore more seen within behavior or patterns in your life. So, your soul uses your internal and external life to make you more aware of where you’re heading. Again raising your soul awareness is key here!

The soul feedback system also helps you to figure out if you need to address something that is happening right now or if you need to go deeper to help yourself move forward. 

How to use the Soul Feedback System

The soul feedback system is a little bit harder to incorporate than the soul guidance system. It really depends on your ability, to be honest with yourself. You have to be courageous enough to look yourself in the eye and take responsibility for your actions. 

Having to admit that you are doing something ‘wrong’  is not always easy. Especially when you have put a lot of work and effort to make something work. Making something work is actually already a sign of not going for the right approach. 

Your soul is really ruthless for that matter. It will always tell you if should not do something or if you should not go somewhere. It starts with a whisper but is will use a loudmouth to make you listen. 

When you consciously choose to listen the rewards of following your soul guidance is always better than the consequences of going against it. 

So the best thing to make that feedback system work is to really pay attention when you are feeling bad or when you are feeling sick. When you feel mistreated. Really take a moment to sit still and take in what’s happening. Journaling can be very helpful to create more of a helicopter view of your life. 

Gradually, you will find more and more clues on how the soul is guiding you.

the soul feedback system is about honesty


Really invest in honoring your feelings and really take the time to step back and take a good look at your life. Ask yourself questions about your life? Take a journal and write down what you are feeling. In this way, your soul has more room to show you what to do. Then the soul support systems really become an integral part of your life. 

You will learn to ask the right questions and learn how to listen to the answers. In the beginning, it mainly provides unsolicited advice, but eventually, you will use it in a more conscious way. It becomes a lifestyle where you will use the soul support systems as your in-house coach. 

The soul guidance system has more forward energy and the soul feedback system has more backward energy. The first will help you to go out and meet people, the second will help you to course correct or just signal that it’s time to take a day off. 

I mention the guidance and feedback system as two separate systems. It’s actually not. The soul support system is actually your soul acting like the best friend you ever have. It’s just how the soul is in essence. It’s also how we as humans truly. Especially as a leader, you are a master at providing support. 

Starting to see the mechanics behind the soul support systems helps us to see who we truly are. It helps us to see that we can be the best friend to ourselves and others. 


Soul Support System Assistant

For many of us, it is hard to find our behavioral patterns and to understand where our soul is giving us a hard NO or a full yes. 

As a leader your daily schedule not always makes room to sit down and to take a good look at yourself. 

Therefore I offer soul alignment coaching for leaders and consultants who want to be soulful leaders.

Want to know more about how I assist you?.

I also have a more in depth blog post about soul alignment and soul awareness. 

Want to raise your soul awareness, align yourself with your soul and overcome your challenges with your own soul support system?
Check out my Soul Alignment Training 1:1. It’s a training and coaching program in one, where you will overcome and learn a lot. 

soul coach for soulful leadership

Hi, my name is Shafelly Snijders.
I am a soul alignment coach for leaders. 
My soul mission is to help you to align with your soul. My aim is to teach how to align with your soul and how to do inner work to stay in alignment.  I help you to see that you are a magnificent, divine and wonderful soul by default and that you are worthy of being loved and treasured.

I am a highly sensitive person that can tune into your soul’s presence to help you on your journey to become that soulful leader that you want to be. 

Remember! You are always aligned to your soul, you just have to become aware of it.