Your emotional health is determined by how much you are able to recognize your own feelings and being able to express them in a healthy way. All emotions are valid, but not all emotions need to be expressed or should even be perceived as your own. Sometimes we adopt emotions from the people around us.

This is especially true for highly sensitive people and people that have a tendency for codependency. When we align with our soul, we are able to be sensitive to our own emotions. This helps us to distance ourselves from the drama in life and be emotionally balanced.



emotional well-being and soul alignment

How to improve your emotional health?
Start by becoming aware of how you feel.
Start with recognizing how you feel today and
be okay with it.

Emotional health seen from a souls perspective.

From the perspective of the soul, not having a healthy emotional system means that you have lost a connection with your true self. It means that you have moved away from your soul. You have forgotten that you are in essence a unique expression of love and light and that you have the right to live out that unique expression. You have pulled away from yourself in order to fit into society. You had to abide by the written and unwritten rules of how to be a good person and how to make it in the world. 

A disruption of your emotional system

Although you have tried your best to fit in, you also carry that innate feeling that you are in essence unique. You adapt to the world around you, but also feel a little bit lost and inauthentic. Questioning and doubting yourself is a symptom of this toggle of war between wanting to be yourself and how society wants you to be. It gives rise to the question who am I? This split in your psyche tends to cause distress in how you are able to express yourself. This is why you have trouble looking out for yourself and honoring your own needs. You have lost your connection to your emotional system and thus are not responding to the signal it is sending you. Your emotional well-being is than at stake. 

10 Signs you don't have an healthy emotional system.

  • feeling unworthy
  • feeling not being seen or heard
  • feeling unfulfilled
  • have the feeling that you always have to guard yourself. 
  • having the feeling that no one truly understands you. 
  • feeling that you have to prove yourself over and over again. 
  • feeling emotionally drained
  • loss of energy
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling tired all the time

“Sometimes we are so entangled with our emotions and that of others peoples. Unraveling our emotions and starting to feel again what belongs to yourself, can be a good way to improve your emotional health.” 

Overwhelmed by emotions


How fear of being rejected corrupts our emotional health system.

The thing that stands the most between you and your essence, is fear. It’s the fear of being rejected by society, by your parents, by your boss, etc. Instead of honoring your own feelings, you chose to put the needs of others first. Such a fear stems from your early childhood. You knew that if you abided by the rules of your parents and their needs, you got fed and would be loved. You secured your survival.

As an adult you don’t only want to survive, you also want to thrive. To secure your well-being you started to adapt to the norm within society. It didn’t matter If you needed to work hard, give your everything or be a high achiever. In general, you are going to do your job and do it well. Even if this means spending less time with your spouse, kids, or yourself. As you can see, also in your adult life fear can be a root cause for neglecting your own needs. Even as an adult, you feel that if you don’t abide by the rules, that you are rejected. 
Paradoxically, the fear of rejection makes us reject ourselves. Not being aware of this fear and not being aware of how this plays out in your life, is the right setup for a lack of emotional health.

feeling rejected


“The soul in human form is part thorn part flower. There is no good or bad in either side. There is only a need to recognize both sides in yourself and the other. To be sensitive and accepting to both parts.” 

Our soul in human form

Emotional health and Soulful Leadership

Being a leader is all about making connections with the other people around you. You have to be sensitive to your own needs and that of others in order to keep succeeding in what you do. If you lack this kind of sensitivity, you either ask too much of yourself or from others. With soulful leadership, you create a deep connection with your soul through which you will gain this sensitivity. You are able to feel into what you need and feel into what others need.

Feeling in itself is thus very important. When you have a lack of emotional health you have trouble connecting to this sensitivity. Being sensitive is nothing more than being in tune with who you are. That you live in alignment with your soul. That you are not suppressing parts of yourself in order to be a leader. A soulful leader is not holding back in expressing hers/his uniqueness.  

Creating better connections

When you become more sensitive and are more able to express your uniqueness, this will bounce off on the others around you. Somehow we feel more at ease being ourselves when the others around us are doing the same. That’s why setting an example as a soulful leader is beneficial to your whole team. It’s like giving approval to your team that they can be themselves. That it’s safe to be themselves.

By being vulnerable yourself and connecting to yourself on a deeper level, you’ll give space to connecting to others on a deeper level. The other way around works similarly. When you are not in tune with your own emotions, you are missing other people’s emotions as well. Hence, being emotionally unavailable. So connecting to your soul doesn’t only help you to be more in tune with your own emotions but also helps you to listen to and understand other people’s needs.  


Soul alignment, A way improve your emotional health.

A healthy emotional system depends on how sensitive you are to your own emotions. It depends on how rooted you are in your own system. The latter has nothing to do with being resilient, but more so with how vulnerable you can be. The capacity of sensing who you are and daring greatly to express this. Soul alignment is a great way to strengthen this capacity, with which we are all born. 

By aligning yourself with your soul you become more sensitive to who you are and what you need. You become more sensitive to your own boundaries which helps you to set them in a more loving way instead of rigidly guarding your heart. You also won’t be missing the signals of your emotional system that much.
By listening to those signals, you can keep track of how you are doing. You will also experience how listening to those signals will help you to move forward in life with more calm, pleasure, and fulfillment. When you have a healthy emotional system, you also have a good feedback system. You’ll know when it’s time to work and you’ll now when it’s time to rest.

aligning with your flower

How can you improve your emotional health with Soul Alignment Coaching?

Aligning yourself with your soul (again) is like improving your sense of self. It means being firmly rooted in your essence. It’s connecting back to your own groundwork, your own foundation. This groundwork actually always have been there fully intact, but you have just forgotten that it’s there. 
Therefore soul alignment coaching focuses on helping you to feel and see your own groundwork again. I will tune into your soul and see what is blocking that connection. I can identify why you have been missing signals from your emotional system.

Most of the time these blockages consist of beliefs you have adopted from another part of your life. Mostly from your childhood. Because these beliefs are carried throughout your life, it is hard to detect those by yourself. 
Soul alignment coaching can therefore be very helpful in detecting and releasing those beliefs from your groundwork. This means that your groundwork gets is not overshadowed by these beliefs anymore and becomes more pure. again. Which, in turn, helps you to connect even more with your essence. It’s like a positive spiral where you become more sensitive in general. I call it a positive spiral of change that will help you to become more sensitive to the person you in essence are.  


I offer 1:1 coaching program.
It’s a coaching and training in one.

– I coach you through your challenge.
– I teach you new skills about how to work with your own soul.
– I provide you with a new outlook on how people relate to one another in order to help you make better decisions.

How will I help you with improving your emotional health?

I believe that there is not much needed to set this positive spiral of change in motion. You just need to align yourself with your soul, learn how the soul supports you in your life and how to do inner work to remove blockages. To set that positive spiral of change in motion I have made a kick-off program. 

It contains 5 video call sessions of 1:1 coaching where we address your challenge at a soul level. This means that we use your challenge to see how you are blocked from your own essence and how to realign again with it. We detect and release the limiting beliefs that are giving rise to those blockages. Through this, the positive spiral of change is set in motion. It’s like saying to your emotional system, I am ready to listen now. With this you also say to your soul, I am ready to listen now. The soul speaks to you through your feelings and is more than happy to assist you and send you signals in order to be the best leader you can be. 

Hence, your soul also functions as a support system. 


sidenote: a lack of emotional health can sometimes be rooted in severe trauma from the past. To work through this, I recommend that you go to your physician to seek the help that you need. 



Having a lack of emotional health is a symptom of being not firmly rooted in your essence. You get pulled away from yourself in order to make it out in the world. You have to earn a living, act in a responsible way, you have to go with the flow of life in order to thrive. This flow is actually a false flow because it stems out of fear instead of love. It stems from our fear to be rejected and not accepted for who we truly are. This way of adapting to the world started when we were very little. In order to stay alive, we did what our parents, what school, and society wanted from us. It had a set of written and unwritten rules and values by which we had to abide. Since we carried this fear into our adulthood, we now face emotional issues.

We forgot how to listen to ourselves and that we are worthy of being ourselves. We have forgotten that we have a pure groundwork that supports us fully in life. That’s where our confidence, calmness, and clarity reside. That groundwork is our soul. The soul helps us to live out the unique and fruitful expression that we are. Through soul alignment coaching you can connect and purify your groundwork. This helps you to be firmly rooted in your essence again and be sensitive to your own needs and wants. Being sensitive to your own feelings is not only good for you but also for others. It helps you to listen and understand others more deeply, which helps you to connect deeper with the people who work for you. 

we are bees and the flower

“We sting others for our own survival, but also contribute to a lot of beauty in the world. Realizing and accepting this already is closing the gap between you and your soul.” 

Shafelly Snijders

soul coach for soulful leadership

Hi, my name is Shafelly Snijders.
I am a soul alignment coach for leaders. 
My soul mission is to help you to align with your soul. I teach soul alignment and inner work to help you see that you are a magnificent, divine and wonderful soul by default and that you are worthy of being loved and treasured. This should also be reflected in your leadership. 

I am a highly sensitive person that can tune into your soul’s presence. I can tell you how your soul is inviting you to align more and how it can help you to reach your full potential.

You are always aligned to your soul, you just have to become aware of it.