Lately, I noticed that there is more attention to our mental well-being and how it affects us in our work life. Our mental well-being is part of our overall health and starting to become a natural part of our self-care routine. 

It is noticeable that people are starting to see that not taking care of your mentally well-being will influence our life negatively. It keeps us from reaching our full potential. The fact that I suffered from depression and anxiety made me experience this also firsthand.

Through aligning myself with my soul, my mental well-being was put in another light. Or maybe I should say, it had been put in the light. It helped me to turn the dark into the light and gave me a better sense of who I was and why my mental issues were haunting me. I improved my mental well-being. 

In this article, I will explain how your connection with your soul is related to mental well-being. Also why soul alignment is has a fresh perspective on how to improve your mental well-being.



Your capability to stay true to yourself is influenced by your mental well-being. It’s your capability to distinguish what your thoughts are and what is projected onto you by others.

What do I mean by mental well-being?

While searching for a good definition to help me describe mental health I noticed that a clear distinction can’t be found. The world health organization explains it like this. 

Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.

Others describe it more in a way we process the world around us through our brain. 


The WHO describes mental health as an umbrella term to describe our overall health, which concludes our socio-health, physical health, emotional health, etc. For me mental well-being is more as a matter of the mind, emotional health a matter of the heart, and physical health a matter of the body. Those parts are of course interrelated and influence each other. 

For the sake of this article, I will describe mental well-being as our capability to think for ourselves and process what we see, hear and feel in a healthy way. That we are able to make a distinction between what is true for ourselves and what is learned by others. This capability will influence our decision-making and the way we interact with others. How to improve your mental well-being has therefore everything to do with raising your sense of self. 

Signs of when your mental wellbeing is out of balance.

  • stress
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • overeating
  • fatigue


Mental well-being from the perspective of the soul.

In origin, we are all souls. It’s our nature. It’s our essence. Our essence is made out of energy with its own unique signature vibration. When we come into human form our signature vibration gets infused with other energies and thus other vibrations. These other vibrations do not always resonate with our soul vibration. Our original energy is made out of love and light, but here on earth, we can experience also other energies like hate, anger, dark, etc. Notice that I describe these emotions also as forms of energy. Thoughts, words, emotions also have their distinct energy.

Although the soul is exposed to other energies, it still wants to express its origin of love and light. It is not always capable of doing so, because of energies that do not vibrate ‘n sync with our own signature vibration. There are all kinds of ways energy is not vibrating well with the energy of your soul. It depends on the circumstance, context, etc. It becomes a problem when you identify with an energy that is actually not your own. That’s where a mental imbalance can occur. 

How to improve your mental well-being by connecting with your soul vibration.

When we grow up we lose a connection with our origin, our essence. That’s the effect of being born as a human. We forget that we are souls. As we grow up we are exposed to all kinds of thoughts packed as opinions, norms, rules, etc. and we listen to those thoughts with our human ears. The ears of our soul will know when it’s just an opinion or a way of looking at things. The soul can listen but stays true to itself. The human ears, however, will listen and will take those thoughts as if they were their own. 

The soul is thus very capable of making a distinction between its own thoughts and beliefs, but the human mind has a hard time doing this. That’s because the soul is strongly rooted in its essence. We, as humans, are not so strongly rooted in our essence. The great thing is we can actively reconnect with our essence again because a soul is always looking for ways to express itself fully again.

How to improve your mental well-being by releasing a deep rooted fear.

A deep-rooted fear in our society is that we are not accepted for the person that we truly are. Since we are young, we adapted to the people and environment around us.  Although it kept us safe, it also kept us from being fully ourselves. Since we lost connection with our essence, we not fully comprehend what it is to be ourselves. We are familiar with adapting, but not familiar with being fully true to ourselves. Being ourselves feels scary and feels like moving away from society or our family.  The choice of staying true to ourselves without apologies tends to make us feel unsafe. 

Although this is the case, we always have the possibility to align with our essence again. I already mentioned that the soul is always seeking a way to express itself fully. By this, I mean that the soul is waiting for you to wake up to the knowing that you are a soul. That you are a unique expression of energy and that you have the right to express that fully. By aligning with your soul, your essence, you become more connected to who you truly are. You gain a better sense of self.  You become familiar with what it means to be yourself. i.e. the feeling of being yourself. This will help you to make a better distinction between your own thinking and belief system and that of others.



How to improve our mental well-being by aligning ourselves with our soul vibration?

Improving your mental health through soul alignment, thus starts with realizing that you are a soul. Realize that your uniqueness has something to bring to this world. When you only focus on how to adapt to society by pleasing others, you withhold the world from your gift to the world. Through inner work, you can connect deeper with your soul vibration and see what energies you are holding onto that are not your own. By doing inner work you can shed thoughts and beliefs that are not working for you and live more from the belief system that is unique to you. 

An example of what the effect is of soul alignment.

For example, your parents taught you to be more patient because you were asking for this and that all the time. You have started believing that asking and pursuing things is a bad thing. However, you naturally were more of a forward kind of person for whom being patient is not working. Being patient and awaiting things was not in the line of your unique expression. When you feel you need to await things but feel forward momentum, you might feel anxious. You doubt yourself whether you should move forward or not. Were your parents wrong for teaching you to be patient? The answer is no. When you align with your soul, you will be able to feel more confident to move forward at your own speed. Since you also know the energy of patience, you will be able to recognize when to use this too. 

So knowing that you are a soul and that you can connect with that part, will help you to have a better sense of your personal attributes. The soul doesn’t make a distinction between good or bad energy. It will make a distinction based on if it helps you to move forward or not. 

Soul alignment and effective Soulful leadership.

Aligning with your soul provides you with a better and stronger sense of self, which will help you in decision-making and tuning into your intuition. As leaders, there are not many people who you can turn to for advice. Organizations or teams depending on your vision and your capability to see that vision come to fruition. More than once you have to rely on your intuition. You have to tap into a greater source to seek guidance. That greater source is your soul. Your soul is always at hand, you just need to align with it. 

By aligning with your soul you become so familiar with your own signature vibration that it becomes easier to confidently make decisions and to have better connections with others. You will be able to tell by your own vibration which people match your vibration and thus the vision that you want to pursue. Also, two similar vibrations seek each other by default, so you will be attracting the right experiences and people to you.


How to improve your mental well-being with soul alignment coaching.

Since your soul is you, you always have access to that part of you. Your soul is waiting for you to align yourself with your essence again. To see and experience the world through the eyes and ears of the soul. To live life as the unique expression of energy that you are. 

To do this you actively need to invite the soul back in. Sometimes there are beliefs in the way that keeps you from connecting with your soul.

The soul is very equipped to pinpoint where energies do not match up, but we as humans have a hard time seeing our thinking patterns from a soul’s perspective. However, this is something you can easily train yourself.

My coaching is therefore aimed to connect you to your soul energy and to pinpoint what beliefs you are holding onto that are not serving you. I do this by connecting with your soul energy and sensing what the limiting beliefs are and why they are there. By doing this, you will be able to release the limiting beliefs. It’s a fairly easy process, but it has a very deep and sustainable impact on your life. 

.sidenote: I am not a doctor. When you suffer from severe depressions, anxiety or other related mental issues, please seek out the right help. My offer is to take a fresh perspective on how to give meaning to and improve your mental health.

Soul coaching is like stepping out of the river for a moment and take a look at how the river flows.


How to improve your mental well-being is a matter of your capability to stay true to yourself. I approach mental health as a matter of the mind. It’s the way we process thoughts and ideas and our capability to make a distinction between what beliefs are our own or that of others. From the perspective of the soul, those thoughts and beliefs have their own energy.  

Since everybody has their own soul signature energy there can occur a mismatch of energies in our system. This occurs throughout our upbringing because other people’s thoughts and beliefs are projected onto us. We have adopted beliefs that are not our own. This is where a mental health issue can arise. For example being stressed out all the time, because you want to please others all the time. You are being stressed because you can’t pinpoint what drives you to say yes all the time and why people don’t respect your boundaries. 

How to improve your mental well-being has thus everything to do with your capability to make distinction between your own beliefs and that of others. By aligning with your soul you become more rooted and familiarized with your signature energy. You will have a more clear distinction between other people’s beliefs and that of your own. This will help you to move around in the world with a better and stronger sense of who you are and what you think and believe. This in turn helps you to make better decisions and to interact with people in a better way. You will feel safer in staying true to yourself. 

Mental imbalance can block you from looking at your life from the perspective of the soul. Letting someone assist you with looking at those same mental imbalances from your soul’s perspective will help you to engage with your soul more and also express that signature energy. It all begins with accepting yourself as the person you are right now.

soul coach for soulful leadership

Hi, my name is Shafelly Snijders.
I am a soul alignment coach for leaders. 
My soul mission is to help you to align with your soul. My aim is to teach how to align with your soul and how to do inner work to stay in alignment.  I help you to see that you are a magnificent, divine and wonderful soul by default and that you are worthy of being loved and treasured.

I am a highly sensitive person that can tune into your soul’s presence to help you on your journey to become that soulful leader that you want to be. 

Remember! You are always aligned to your soul, you just have to become aware of it.