Soulful Leadership

Soul alignment coaching for senior leadership development

A soulful leader knows that the outer world
is a reflection of the inner world. 

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What is Soulful Leadership?

Soulful Leadership is a leadership style where you literally make use of your soul to help, guide, and sense what is needed to let your vision come to fruition. 
It’s a style where the alignment with your soul is the base to make decisions, gather people, and be of service. The great thing about this style of leadership is that it will help you to see things through the lense of love and compassion. 

Why choose Soulful Leadership?

Before I mention the benefits of Soulful Leadership, let me emphasize that being a soulful leader is actually a calling. It is something that everyone can do but is not for everybody. To be this type of leader comes from an urge from within. A calling of your soul. Only you can tell whether that’s you.

Choosing this leadership style will result in:
– having a more loving and compassionate approach when you lead a team or company.
– sensing when you stand in your own way and having a tool in place to rise above that. 
– knowing how to set intentions for your vision and having a feedback system to see whether you are heading in the right direction. 
– knowing how to lead with your soul and be an example for others.

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How to be a soulful leader

A soulful leader chooses to be of service, leads with love and compassion for his/herself and others. Above all this type of leader aligns his/her leadership with the soul. It’s a spiritual affair.
This type of leader is intentional and committed to contributing to a new world. In this new world inclusion, diversity, and being of service to one another is the norm. 

A soulful leader knows the soul has a purpose and can translate that into their leadership. Love and compassion are therefore at the base of soulful leadership. Not our traumas, egos, and wrongdoings. It’s leading with authenticity knowing that we are in essence a soul.  

A soulful leader knows how to align with the soul and to listen to the guidance of the soul. 

Skillset for soulful leadership

The skillset for soulful leadership is quite simple. You have to know how the soul sees, speaks, and feels. 
It’s all about aligning with your soul and its mission. 

This mission reaches far beyond just leading a company. It’s embedded in the grander scheme of things. For this, you need to be able to feel into that greater whole. Aligning with your soul will help you to do just that. 

Coaching Programs

I offer soul alignment coaching to assist senior leaders with integrating their spirituality into their leadership. This will help them to lead with love and compassion by using their soul as a guidance system.  

I offer different kinds of programs. For the busy leader who just needs an extra pair of antennas to solve an issue, click here.
For the leader who has bigger questions relating to their company click here
The leaders who are not fully aware of how their high sensitivity complements their leadership click here

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soul Alignment coach Shafelly Snijders
Soul Alignment Coach Shafelly Snijders

Why I am a great soul alignment coach.

It’s my soul mission to assist senior leaders with taking their mission to another level. To assist them with truly comprehending why they want to make the world a better place, and better yet why they bump up against resistance from others.

I do this by tuning into soul energy and detect why the resistance is there and how to release it. The resistance is usually a metaphor for what’s going on a deeper level. You can release it by connecting to it on a deeper level and raising your awareness around it. My soul energy functions as a conduit for the soul energy of the client. Issues, obstacles, or problems, therefore, can be released from the root. 


Spiritual coach testimony 1
Jiva Jaliens District Manager Delfshaven, Rotterdam

The way Shafelly coached me exceeded my expectations. I have a better foundation and a more balanced work and private life.

Spiritual coach testimony 2
Kirsten d'Fonseca Law enforcement specialist

Shafelly's sessions are really intuitive and powerful. Now I make choices with more ease and confidence. I even changed my career path. Shafelly really helped me to change at a soul level.

Spiritual coach testimony 3
Hester Terpstra Co-founder Sisters in Songrwriting

Shafelly helped me to accept all parts of me without judgments. Including my restlessness and doubts. Shafelly inspires me with her faith in her own journey and the way she manifests her life.