Soul Alignment Workshop

This short and in-depth soul alignment workshop will help leaders who already have their own unique way of working with their spirituality but not fully know how to apply and express it in their work lives.  

About you

On a personal level, you know exactly how your spiritual beliefs are helping you to be a better person for yourself and for others. Meditation, The law of attraction, and Being in the now moment are concepts that are not strange to you. 

Your challenge

From a distance, you see exactly how everybody on the work floor would benefit from a more spiritual approach to things. More love, more compassion, more calmness, and more space for each other to be themselves. 

if only… everybody would be more receptive to this way of thinking. 

Your real challenge

The real challenge is that you yourself are not taking a spiritual approach to the challenges you face on the work floor. You’ve left your spirituality at the door.  

That’s because you’re not fully aligned with your soul. Your spirit doesn’t flow naturally yet. When you align more with your soul or spirit will radiate in a more natural way. Even better, it will radiate in a contagious way. Alike attracts alike!

A solution

The solution to the real challenge is to align with your soul and learn more about how the soul uses your leadership for the benefit of all.

When you have more insight into how your soul is helping you then you are able to use the things that are bugging you as a  gateway for growth.
The more you learn to see things from the perspective of the soul, the more you will live life as a soul. This means that you will be more welcoming to things that are in conflict with your beliefs.  

The Soul Alignment Workshop

This swift intensive incentive is aimed at helping you to align with your soul so that you can shift perspectives regarding your leadership. As a soul alignment coach, I will help you to shift from your human perspective to the perspective of the soul. 

Since this workshop is meant for senior leaders who already find guidance in their spirituality, I believe that the shift in perspective will happen in spending a short amount of time together.

First, we assess what your real challenge is at this moment. 
Second, we immediately take a deep dive and align with the soul so we can see how your challenge is related to your soul mission. 
Third, I will clarify how the soul is related to your challenges and how it already is helping you. With this different perspective, you move more easily forward and know when to take a pause and align with your soul more. 


Duration: +/- 4 hours (online via videocall  or optional for Dutch people in person)
Cost: 2500 euro excl. vat (btw)

Schedule a free intake

A free intake is for you and me to see if we are a good match to work together to help you integrate your spirituality more into your daily (work-life).
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If you want to take more time to hone this skill, please take a look at my Soul Alignment Coaching program or take a look at my other programs. 


When you are interested in this coaching program, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to answer your questions or to schedule a free intake. 

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I always notice the same thing when I talk to leaders who consider themselves spiritual.

As a spiritually gifted person, I always notice their soul energy. It usually exuberates strength, love, and warmth. Especially when they talk about the things they love and the magical spiritual experiences they have. At that moment I can sense that they can feel that too. The thing is that they can’t name that part yet. They are not fully aware of their own energy.

Another common aspect is that they leave their spirituality for doing charity work or personal-related endeavors. They do not fully integrate it into their day-to-day leadership.  

The most important part is that I see and sense that there is a small gap between their soul energy and their human energy. Although spirituality is becoming more like second nature, these leaders still take a look at their leadership through their human eyes. 

The soul is so much greater and vast, it is simply impossible to downsize it. When you let it flow more, you can truly be a vessel for your spirit. 

When you align with your soul you will bridge the gap. 

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