A Soul Alignment Reading is a way for me to give you insights and tools to work more in alignment with your soul. It’s a swift way to give your leadership a boost and be on your way again.

About you

You are a heartfelt leader for whom leadership has already become second nature. Also, you see the unfolding of the beauty you want to create more and more. Great!!

Your challenge

You have stumbled upon an issue, that you can’t solve by yourself. You just need an extra pair of antennas to help you sense how to solve that issue. You are very busy at the moment and don’t feel like you have to go that deep into the issue. 

Your real challenge

The real challenge is that you’re having trouble to see the issue from another perspective. Seeing things from another perspective will help you to swiftly see the ‘why’ behind the problem and how to move forward. 

A solution

A solution for this is to use me as an extra pair of antennas to sense into your issue. Since I can tune into your soul energy you receive insights about how to solve the issue from the level of the heart. With love and compassion for yourself and others. 

Soul Alignment Reading

The reading is aimed to give you a quick insight on how to solve an issue from the level of your heart.


Session: 1
Duration: 30 – 45 min. (online via videocall  or optional for Dutch people in person)
Cost: 250 euro incl. vat (btw)

Schedule a Soul Alignment Reading

Just send me an email with your request. My availability is at Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  [email protected]

soul Alignment coach Shafelly Snijders


When you are interested in this coaching program, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to answer your questions or to schedule a free intake. 

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If coaching is too much for what you seek at this moment. See if my other training programs suit your need better.

The common problem among heartfelt leaders.

More than often I have come across leaders that have a warm heart and are determined to make a difference in the world. Although they are good and heartfelt leaders, they feel their wholeheartedness is not reflected back to them in the process. 
They bump up against stubborn people and processes don’t unfold as smoothly as they want to. 

Leaders who express this scenario to me all have the same in common. They don’t actively align their spirituality with their leadership.  Better said: They don’t put their soul in the mix.