Hi! My name is Shafelly Snijders. 

I was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and have my roots in Surinam, South-Amerika.

Its my Soul Mission to help you on your Soul Mission. I help to create Soul Awareness, Soul Alliance and a Soul Support System.

soul coach for soulful leadership

My Soul Mission

I teach soul alignment and inner work to help you see that you are a magnificent, divine and wonderful soul by default and that you are worthy of being loved and treasured. When you truly integrate this knowing it naturally will reflect back into your leadership skills.

How I became aware of my soul mission.

Simply put, I was fed up with my life. I looked around me and didn’t see that my life was a reflection of the person I was inside. I felt that my relationship was holding me back and also my financial situation was not like I thought it would be at the age of 29. I suffered from depressions. I was not happy at all. I remember that I said out loud “When I turn 30 I want to change my life”. It was as if the universe heard my call. It was the start of my journey knowing that I was a soul incarnated in a body on earth. When I turned 31 I met my mentor who helped me to remember my soul mission: Being a conduit for other people to help them remember that they are a soul and that they can connect to it in a very tangible way.

What I have learned from my soul.

Learning to know my soul and the wisdom and tactics it has up it sleeve was a journey in itself. The surprising thing was that by learning to know my soul, I learned how to be a human too. I got to know how I am on the inside and how to bring that forth on the outside. I learned to speak the language of the soul, so it can guide me through hardship and face challenges. I learned to trust my intuition. I learned how to change my life on aspects that seem unchangeable. I have learned to see and listen to other people from the perspective of the soul, without judgment and released from the straightjacket put on by society and my upbringing. I became more me. The best most amazing thing I have learned was that I can actually feel my soul. I feel where my soul is connected to my body. Therefore I feel my essence, which is pure love and light

How my Soul Mission is beneficial to your Soul Mission.

I have the great psychic gift to feel your soul as actual energy. I can feel how much you are aligned with it and what you can do to realign again with your soul. When you face a challenge right now and you feel that you should take a more mindful approach to address your challenge, you are called by your soul. Your challenge is a great entry point for your soul to connect with you again.