Soul Alignment is the part where I teach you how to connect with your soul and stay connected to your soul.
A truly amazing sensation!

Coaching method part 1.

My main focus with soul alignment coaching is to use the change that you want to make in your life to connect you with your soul. You will see that your challenge, problem, or hick-up has a profound meaning in your life. 

Learning to connect with your soul is therefore the first step in our sessions together. Your soul is the best all-knowing friend you can have. So establishing this connection is the key to soulful leadership. Your soul already knows what you need and is more than happy to guide you in fulfilling those needs. 

Learning how your soul already guided you, is therefore the second step in our sessions together.  When you know how your soul already spoke to you and guided you, you will recognize when it is guiding you in the future. 

The last step will be about learning how your soul will guide you on your soul mission.

you can feel and sense your soul vibration

“Soul Alignment Coaching is a complete kit to develop soulful leadership”

discovering your soul mission

Soul Support Systems

Sometimes you want more clarity about where you are going. You might have a feeling about it or you wish for your path to go a certain way. You want your actions to be meaningful and to have a purpose.  You like to have more insight into your soul mission. 

Although your soul mission is always unfolding naturally, it can be the right time for you to have more clarity. The need for this kind of clarity is also a sign that your soul calling you to step in more. 

Your soul can really provide this clarity for you in numerous ways. It is really able to guide you in a precise way. Namely, the soul has built-in soul support systems. 

The soul guidance system helps you to move in a certain direction and the soul feedback system mirrors if you are going in the right direction. SO, your soul also lets you know how and when to course correct. 


Soul Alignment is my mission and Inner Work is the way to get there.

Coaching Method part 2.

Through inner work, you will see and experience the mechanisms behind working directly with the soul. You will be able to change things in your life on a fundamental level.

During our inner work sessions, I will feel into your soul energy. I will be able to read what kind of framework or beliefs are holding you back. When we work together we also going to release those beliefs and frameworks. 

The more you release those frameworks, the more your soul vibration will be your dominant vibration. You will experience this profound change in your body and you will also this mirrored back in your daily life. 

In the beginning, your soul will guide you by using my soul energy. In our sessions together I will teach you how to be a conduit for your own soul. 

When you align with your soul, you can be your own conduit and find the frameworks yourself. Your soul will also guide you in releasing them. 

inner work is necessary for soulful leadership
soul Alignment coach Shafelly Snijders

Soul Alignment Coaching Summary

I offer soul alignment coaching. It’s a training and coaching 1:1. In this coaching program I focus on two specific elements. Soul Alignment and Inner Work. 

Soul Alignment:
The soul coaching is aimed at aligning you with your soul. It helps you to raise your soul awareness, so you can experience your soul as a real part of you. 

By doing this you give your soul permission to assist you in your life. You will have a good soul support system especially tailor-made for you. This means you will be moving forward with clarity, ease, and confidence in the most authentic way. 

Inner work: You will give more and more permission to your soul by clearing limiting beliefs. Your soul vibration will become the dominant vibration. You will feel more like your true self. This will also be reflected in your daily life, by the behaviors of yourself and the people around you. On a business as well as on a personal level. 

In my blog I share more in depth information about soul alignment and inner work.