My blog is like food for your soul.

Fulfillment of the soul is aligning with your soul

Soulful Leadership is not about wanting to create a better world or wanting make a meaningful contribution to your environment. It’s more about you connecting to your soul and surrendering to the leadership of your soul. By doing that, you by default create more meaning and purpose in your life. 

My blog will provide you with new insights that will help you to answer the calling of your soul. 

To really make your soul journey personal, take a look at my soul coaching method. I love to assist you in your journey to soulful leadership. 

soul coach for soulful leadership

Hi, my name is Shafelly Snijders.
I am a soul alignment coach for leaders. 
My soul mission is to help you to align with your soul. My aim is to teach how to align with your soul and how to do inner work to stay in alignment.  I help you to see that you are a magnificent, divine and wonderful soul by default and that you are worthy of being loved and treasured.

I am a highly sensitive person that can tune into your soul’s presence to help you on your journey to become that soulful leader that you want to be. 

Remember! You are always aligned to your soul, you just have to become aware of it.