I like to introduce myself as a relaxed parent, an awesome partner, a cool and warm person, and a powerful artist, who likes to see herself as a REBEL. Of course I have flaws! Who doesn’t. My flaws even helped me to see my fenomenalness. And modesty just ain’t my thing. 

My struggles, my depressions, toxic relationships, money issues etc. lead me to longing for a NEW ME. And the universe heard me, although at the time I didn’t know the universe could even listen. All kinds of books, people, youtubers etc. came my way to help me sort out my life and get rid of the unwanted things. The most powerful thing that helped me was using the BLANCO METHOD. It helped me to see, feel and hear the blockages that held me back. With every step I took, my intuition became more clear and clear.

I turned out to be a person who is really connected to the spirit world. I learned that I can go beyond the clouds to get information to help other people. In fact the depressions, the bugging images flashing through my head was me holding back this side of me.  

So here I am. I’d love to help you to go beyond your own clouds and live life with help from your intuition. Your soul whispers loud enough for you to understand which way you need to go



I feel so light, mmm so light
no more reasons to put up that fight
To be what I’m not, to see what I’m not
To experience that dreadful feeling, oh my God

Dwelling in the past, deeply knowing it wasn’t me
That repeating story. I knew there was a better me to be
There just was that offbeat sound to it all
All of my senses start responding to that call

The call of acceptance, letting go and surrender
A leap of faith to the self, I more and more remembered
A soul, the higher self, call it what you will
The whisper of the universe only heard when one ’s still

In stillness resides that truth not told
A truth that reflected me better, so bold
Shining brightly and shimmering with grand allure
Feels so light, so airy, so fresh and so pure

From this feeling on, there was no holding back
Putting the sandbags aside and letting the wall crack
Out came not a perfect human, you see
It was the shadow and light that became more free

The flow of life got me, soaring higher than high
It was a new perspective I had to apply
Diving deep to have a look from great height
There I saw my own truth: that I am the light.

– Shafelly Marie –