You were born with a full package of knowledge on how to really live your life to the fullest, to experience life to it’s full potential: to be your true self. You just need to feel your way into that package, download it and unzip it.

Yes the senses are (a) major key here!


I will assist you in finetuning your already great life. Help you to detect those challenges and blockages that are keeping you from going next level. Achieve the things you set out for yourself (on personal and/or business level) and achieve them with grace and ease.

Sometimes your next level is just one insightful moment away!


You’ve already got what it takes: that package of knowledge is nothing other than your intuition. It lights up the roadmap for the life we want and how to just be our trueselves. It shows you which way (not) to go and what’s keeping you from going. By strengthening your intuition-muscle you can use it as the go-to-person for moving ahead in life. To help you on your way I use the BLANCO METHOD.

Your intuition is your bff (best friend forever)!


Well…. this strengthening of the intuition changes your whole perspective in life. We dive deep beyond the clouds into your being. You have to have the guts to accept that you are already a truly great being, just by being yourself. You have to take in that you already are the master of your life. You just need to remember it.

People are mostly afraid of their own greatness!